Title: The Next Wave of Mixed-Signal Interface Electronics
Place: École Polytechnique de Montréal
Date and time: Thursday 28/03/2013 from 09:00 to 12:00



1) Noise analysis in switched-capacitor circuits

Switched-capacitor (SC) circuits are ubiquitous in CMOS mixed-signal ICs. The most fundamental performance limitation in these circuits stems from the thermal noise introduced by MOSFET switches and active amplifier circuitry. This tutorial reviews hand analysis techniques that allow the designer to predict the noise performance of switched-capacitor circuits at various levels of complexity. The material presented in this talk focuses on practical examples ranging from basic passive and active track-and-hold circuits, integrators and SC delta-sigma modulators. Simulation examples are included to complement and verify the theoretical treatment.

2) Energy limits in A/D converters

Driven by ever-increasing application demands, the energy expended per A/D conversion has been reduced substantially over the last decade. This presentation will survey the most recent trends and will investigate energy limits as they apply to A/D converter architectures commonly employed in fine-line CMOS technology (Flash, Pipeline, SAR and Oversampling Converters). Through this analysis, opportunities for further improvements will be identified and discussed in detail, including the impact of technology scaling.

3)  Research overview, Murmann mixed-signal group

In most modern electronic systems, information is processed and stored in digital format. However, analog interfaces are still necessary to interface with “real world” signals and often present a bottleneck in the overall system. This presentation will provide an overview of recent advances and trends in the design of analog-digital interface circuits from an application standpoint. It will include examples from the areas of data communication, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), bio-medical instrumentation, structural health monitoring, and large-area electronics.